Designed by the Italian scientist, Maria Montessori, in the mid 1900's, the Montessori philosophy is a hands-on curriculum that provides individualized learning to fit the needs of every child. Montessori believed children were like "sponges" absorbing everything through the senses from his/her environment. The Montessori environment serves to provide a learning opportunity that nurtures the child's natural curiosity.

The Montessori Method emphasizes the development of the whole child--targeting all of the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual aspects. The goal of Montessori is to grow a child who can develop independence and an internal motivation to continue actively learning.

    • Care of Environment and Self

    • Grace & Courtesy

    • Fine Motor Skills Development

    • Independence, Order

    • Concentration and Coordination

    • Refinement of Senses

    • Control of Movement

    • Descriptive Vocabulary

    • Indirect Preparation for Math, Language, and Science

    • Phonics

    • Reading

    • Writing

    • Grammar

    • Storytelling/Creative Writing

    • Introduction to Number

    • Quantity/Symbol Association

    • Decimal System

    • Linear Counting

    • Operations

    • Fractions, Telling Time, Money

    • Physical Geography

    • Cultural Geography

    • Cultural Traditions

    • Exploration & Experimentation

    • Introducing Scientific Vocabulary

    • Physical, Earth, and Life Science

    • Exploration and Creation

    • Art Mediums

    • Art Appreciation​

    • Tempo, Beat, Rhythm

    • Musical Instruments

    • Fine Motor & Gross Motor


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